The photo coffee table book “Yangon a City to Rescue” 

is available!
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60 pages of amazing photos of Yangon (Rangoon). Hard cover.

60 pages of amazing photos of Yangon (Rangoon). Hard cover.

All photos are copyright to jacques maudy + jimi casaccia & Commercial use please contact us

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Limited series high quality prints on metallic paper ready to frame are available. Format 90 x 60 cm,  490 AUD. Delivery worklwide by registered post.








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6 Responses to Gallery

  1. rc says:

    The pictures are so wonderful to look at. They are very impressive. I feel that they should have more decryption for each picture. For example, The High School Art building, is not enough. That building has a rich history. I think it was built by a Chinese shipping tycoon and most building materials were from aboard. Other pictures too, should have more description.

  2. admin says:

    thank you RC. Please comment further on any building you know and I will add your comments to the photos.



  3. shein wint aung..... says:

    thanks you ( jacques maudy & jimi cassaccia )

  4. Hello Jacque, Jimi

    Please see repost of your gallery at

    Good work and all the best

    Sam John & Joe George


  5. admin says:

    Thank you Sam and George for relaying the information for us!

  6. td says:

    Hi, really impressive pictures,;d like to know did you use Leica to get those pics?
    no. We used Canon cameras 7D and 5DmarkII

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